The first quarter of the year went well. Jewellery by Erelei was finding its way. By March everything changed. The world was hit by a pandemic. Covid-19. Everything the way we new it, changed!

Lockdown, Teams, Homeschooling, Social Distancing, Masks! Terms we had never experienced before were thrust upon us.

Everyone had to adjust to a new way of life.

The weather was our saviour. Mother Nature was good to us. The sun shone! Kids could study outside, play outside. We could go on walks. For awhile we could still meet up in groups of 6, go to restaurants and bars. As long as we stayed 2m apart.

Jewellery by Erelei faced a lull. However, lots of work went on behind the scene. The website was tweaked,, new stock was bought, plans were made.

By the time Christmas 2020 arrived we were faced with restrictions that were implemented for Christmas. We couldn’t travel to see loved ones. It was a different kind of Christmas. The focus was on staying safe.

A vaccine was created and approved!

We entered the new year with hope…………

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